Overfinch has an enviable history of achievement and ground-breaking innovation.

As the originator of Range Rover enhancements, our pedigree can be traced back to the mid-1970s, when the first Range Rover upgrades were created.
Since launch, we have remained dedicated to the Land Rover marque. Overfinch’s aim has always been to sympathetically enhance the world’s best luxury 4×4 with a continuous R&D programme, top class production facilities and designs that actually improve the vehicle as opposed to just altering it from standard.

This serious, professional approach remains unique in respect of the Range Rover marque.




On-road presence coupled with bespoke interior craftsmanship are the cornerstones of an Overfinch conversion. The result is a distinctive, elegant interpretation of Land Rover’s flagship model, that is as exclusive as it is desirable, with production limited to just one hundred Overfinch Range Rovers per annum in the UK. Please explore our exterior, interior and performance enhancements further. The current range is available for both Range Rover and Range Rover Long Wheel Base (LWB), unless specified.
As with all Overfinch bespoke conversions, the only limit on personalisation is your imagination. Trim, accessories and colour finishes can be created to a customer’s exacting specifications.
The choice, as always, is yours.


Overfinch have created a number of Limited Edition Range Rovers of unparalleled design and craftsmanship.


We retain the elegance and sophistication of the original design whilst enhancing the vehicle's on road presence.


Inside the cabin, Overfinch offers a myriad range of leather and veneer options for the customer to create a truly bespoke interior.


Beautifully-finished alloy wheels designed in-house and carrying the brand name are a hallmark of every Overfinch conversion.



Overfinch has revealed the latest chapter in its history of groundbreaking conversions by unveiling the Range Rover Supersport at the 2016 Salon Privé.
Strictly limited to 25 units globally – to ensure exclusivity of what will be a future classic model – the Overfinch Supersport is focused on lightweight, increased power and improved dynamics.

True to its roots as the original Range Rover enhancement company, Overfinch has reworked the record-breaking SVR to create a remarkable, uncompromised vehicle. Bodywork is produced in hand-laid carbon fibre for strength and durability; and to remain in-keeping with the Range Rover’s new weight-saving ethos. The exterior styling can be tailored to allow for different carbon fibre and paint finishes, creating an individual but cohesive appearance.

Inside, the sporting Overfinch seat design offers customised stitching and hide colours, executed in flawless style using the finest Bridge of Weir leather.

Overfinch has earned an unparalleled reputation for the quality of its conversions. The new Overfinch Supersport sets the bar high; carbon-fibre, in an immaculately-aligned herringbone weave, was chosen both for its lightweight and for its aesthetic qualities

At the rear, the tailgate badge plinth in exposed carbon-fibre features the Overfinch ‘blade’ emblem – the only exterior signifier of the car’s pedigree.



The Overfinch Sport accentuates the sporting focus of the standard car, combining standout looks and exclusivity with superlative performance. With its assertive stance and distinctive styling features it commands attention, whilst the exquisite detailing of the interior is a tactile and visual delight.

Please explore our exterior, interior and performance enhancements further.
As with all Overfinch bespoke conversions, the only limit on personalisation is your imagination. Trim, accessories and colour finishes can be created to a customer’s exacting specifications.
The choice, as always, is yours.


The Overfinch design concept aimed to accentuate the Range Rover Sport’s imposing stance.
To achieve this, the Body Styling Package is executed in carbon fibre for strength and lightness.


The interior of an Range Rover Sport modified by Overfinch is a visual and tactile delight, crafted by hand to your specification.
With a choice of seat design, stitch and hide colours, enables you to create an ambience that’s a reflection of your style.


Exclusive, beautifully-finished alloy wheels accentuate the dominant sporting stance of the vehicle.
Designed in-house and carrying the brand name, Overfinch Wheels are a hallmark of every Overfinch conversion.



The Evoque is a new generation of Range Rover – lean, agile and groundbreaking in design.
To create the Overfinch Evoque we’ve taken the key style attributes and design characteristics and accentuated them.
The result is a truly special Range Rover: luxurious but sporting, daring but sophisticated.
Like no other.


The Overfinch exterior conversion for Evoque elevates the existing design language with a carefully developed package of bodywork and aerodynamic components.


Uniquely designed around the personality of its owner. The one common thread linking everything we offer is craftsmanship of the highest order.


Exclusively created for the Evoque modified by Overfinch, our beautifully-finished alloy wheels are designed in-house and carry the brand name, a hallmark of every Overfinch conversion.


Customers can specify the vehicle colour, wheels, interior design, trim colour and accessories. Overfinch's skilled craftsmen bring the customers vision to life.



The new Overfinch Evoque Convertible boasts the same dynamic performance, the same class-leading design as its coupe stablemate – but with the ‘hands-in-the-air’ freedom of open top driving.
Striking lines, purposeful stance and top-down splendour: an Overfinch Evoque Convertible has a striking presence even from a distance. The unique alloy wheels, distinctive bodywork and stunning interior will tell you that it’s no ordinary Evoque.
The world’s most luxurious, premium compact, convertible SUV takes the key style attributes and design characteristics of the Evoque and accentuates them. The styling package includes optional herringbone carbon fibre accents.


For many customers, the process of commissioning an Overfinch is part of the pleasure of ownership. Whichever model you choose, customers can commission individual interior and exterior conversions to suit their specific tastes.


Evoque offers the perfect balance of luxury and expression. Four individual seats trimmed in sumptuous diamond quilted and micro perforated leather deliver comfort and an elegant, energetic aesthetic.


The distinctive Overfinch ‘face’ of the car features increase airflow and integrates technical aspects such as parking sensors and cameras. While at the rear of the vehicle – branded, cast tailpipes by Overfinch complete the integrated appearance.


The Evoque modified by Overfinch re-imagines the exhilaration of open-top driving. Special attention was focused by Land Rover on the unique experience of open-top driving with a sophisticated wind-stop system, designed to improve aerodynamic and acoustic comfort.



Creating a heavy blend of capability, individuality and luxury, the Overfinch Defender is the vehicle of choice for our discerning customers.
The original, iconic 4×4, reinvented by the world’s leading Land Rover tuner, is the last word in personalization.


To celebrate our 40th anniversary, Overfinch is proud to announce an exclusive edition modifying the Defender.


Retaining the iconic bodyshape but introducing distinctive characteristics and a sense of purpose that make it unmistakably Overfinch.


Our exquisite leather work transforms every surface into a sensuous, tactile feature, creating a unique cabin ambiance that combines practicality with style.


Exclusive, beautifully-finished alloy wheels designed in-house and carrying the brand name are a hallmark of every Defender modified by Overfinch conversion.