The JE DESIGN Company are involved in the development / construction as well as the distribution of vehicle tuning parts for Volkswagen, Audi and Seat. In particular the main focus is aimed at car styling in the aerodynamic sector using synthetic materials that are manufactured using the methods of Vacuum forming, injection moulding and foam plastic technology. We also develop products, like body styling kits, in the aerodynamic field for other well known tuners (some of whom are members of the VATZ. e. V). The access to CAD / CAM has widended our technical possibilities



MODELS : Audi Q7 4M S-Line,  Audi Q7 4L S-Line facelift,  Audi Q7 4L facelift,  Audi Q7 4L S-Line,  Audi Q7 4L



MODELS: VW Touareg 7P R-Line facelift,  VW Touareg 7P R-Line ( UK: Altitude ),  VW Touareg 7P,  VW Touareg 7L facelift,  VW Touareg 7L



MODELS : Porsche Cayenne 958,  Porsche Cayenne 957



MODELS : Seat Leon 5F Cupra 300 5-doors wide body kit,  Seat Leon 5F FR fl,  Seat Leon 5F Cupra 300 ST 4WD,  Seat Leon 5F FR ,  Seat Ateca 5FP,  Seat Leon 5F Cupra ST Street Race,  Seat Leon 5F ST Cupra Widebody,  Flap exhaust system Seat Leon 5F Cupra incl. ST,  JE DSEIGN Seat Leon 5F SC FR,  Seat Leon 5F Cupra SC Widebody Race,  Seat Leon 5F Cupra Widebody,  Seat Leon 5F Cupra SC Widebody,  Seat Leon 5F Cupra SC,  Seat Leon 5F ST FR,  Seat Exeo 3R ST,  Seat Exeo 3R,  Seat Leon 1P FR / CUPRA R facelift,  Seat Leon 1P facelift,  Seat Leon 1P FR / CUPRA,  Seat Leon 1P,  Seat Ibiza 6J,  Seat Ibiza 6J SC,  Seat Ibiza 6J FR facelift / 6J FR SC facelift,  Seat Ibiza 6J ST



MODELS : Skoda Octavia 5E RS Combi