The distinctive styling of the original Forgiato line could be responsible for altering the custom car climate forever. The three-piece wheels are crafted from aircraft grade forged aluminum and are available in a multitude of forging options including extreme concave, step lip and convex/big lip and everything in between. As always, the Forgiato line has limitless customization options with finishes including carbon fiber, brushed and paint-to-match.


Initially unveiled as the first set of custom wheels on a Bugatti Veyron, the 2.0 line was created with the dignified, discernable enthusiast in mind who not only values high quality craftsmanship but yearns for exclusivity. The 2.0 embodies simplistic sophistication with its diamond cut lines and lack of visible mounting bolts for a seamless aesthetic. The 2.0 line is available in 19-22 inches and like all Forgiato wheels can be customized to your preference.



The Formula Series is a line of ultimate performance wheels. These wheels are made of 7000 series aluminum (not aerospace grade, but space shuttle grade). These wheels are equipped with titanium bolts, anodized centers, and step lips. If you are looking for a lightweight wheel (19″ = 17lbs), this is the wheel for you.



Forgiato is excited to announce that every existing Forgiato wheel design is now available as a motorcycle wheel. Wether you want to match your car wheels to your bike or you just want to put some Forgiato wheels on your motorcycle, the il-Moto wheels will take your motorcycle to the next level. Sizes range from 16″ all the way up to a 32″ wheel.



Following the remarkable success of the limited edition Elite Series, we introduce another full-faced, highly-customizable line for everyone with Escalades to Old Schools. For those who prefer a wheel with an abundance of creative space and a vast array of painting and finish options, the Luminoso line is the ticket. Luminoso, which in Italian refers to being bright and glowing, accurately depicts the line's identity as your ride will certainly be held in high regard as you're cruising down the boulevard.



Individuals seeking a one-piece application yet not willing to settle for the restrictions of a cast wheel, the Monoleggera offers a viable option to the luxury and performance advocate. Chiseled from a solid block of forged aluminum, the Monoleggera is not only extremely durable but exceptionally light. The Monoleggera line is ideal for the performance enthusiast that fancies a wheel capable of tearing up the track on weekends while being tough enough to withstand a daily commute.



Forgiato presents our new series with a tantalizing trio of designs, resting heavily on simplicity and conflicting finishes all sharing one common catalyst; glistening semi precious stones. Serie Diamante, which translates to Diamond Series in Italian, is not overpowered by its jewels as other's failed attempts have been. The subtle glint of its stones serve in a complimentary fashion as it accents the designs as jewelry should.



After much demand, Forgiato has launched the all new Offroad Line of wheels called the Terra Series. In Forgiato fashion, this is not just another line of common Off Road wheels. These wheels are custom built forged wheels that use 6061-t6 aluminum and have a very high load rating. The wheels are available in 22″ and 24″ fitments and can be customized in any combination of colors and finishes you can imagine.